Smudge On Heart

I have often seen this challenge in the Reader, but never had courage to try it—so today’s the day!  I hope our host, Sarah, will be gentle if I’ve made a mess of it 😉

The words we may not use, but must find synonyms for are: Spot, Rub, Round, Flat, Smooth.  Here are my synonymous words/phrases:  smudge/blemish (spot), pressing against (rub), circular (round), sheet of linen (flat), remove ridges (smooth).


Circular smudge on heart…

Is it leprosy, or merely benign blemish?

I’m repeatedly pressing against it with prayer

Of fervent humbled surrender, repentance

Eager to remove ridges of resentment

Stubbornly lingering unforgiveness

For, surely that’s what it is…

With God’s help, soon it will be healed

Restored…a sheet of fine linen

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.