The Sky Leans (Twiglet 293)

Prompt: The sky leans

The sky leans

This way, that

Eavesdropping on

Conversations below—

Lovers breaking up

Making up…

Children whispering


Goings on at home…

Elderly couple

Shuffles slow, speaks

Of how it used to be

Kids now grown, gone…

Young man mumbles

To himself, wonders

How he lost his way…

A woman babbles

To her toddler, she

Has no one else…

The sky leans

Heart clouds filled

All its seen, heard

Sky leans a little

Closer to Heaven

Angels descend

One by one, then

2, 3, winging down

Messages, miracles

On their way…

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

All My Days (Twiglet-291)

All my days called forth

By breath of God in Heaven

His eyes upon me

He drew, painted each detail

Rich canvas, journey—my life

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

“Surely goodness and mercy and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life, And I shall dwell forever [throughout all my days] in the house and in the presence of the LORD.” Psalm 23:6, Amplified Bible

Amplified Bible Copyright © 2015
by The Lockman Foundation
All rights reserved
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Ice-Crusted Snow (Twiglet 290)

Heatwave’s held me captive

In chronic fit of pique…

I’m quickly turning calendar

White flurries in December

Fantasizing, yearning for

Breath-chilled shivering

Crystal brilliance…winter’s

Bright ice-crusted snow

Fill bowls full with it, no

Flavored syrup tropical

Pure unadorned, tongue-lips-

Numbing, cold ice-crusted snow

Seal me well inside it like

Holiday gift-mas globe

Preserved as naïve gleeful youth

Sparkled dancer whirling

©Leyde Ryan,  2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Love’s Lightning Colors

Prompt phrase:  “Lightning Colours”


A child’s love can be powerful

Intense, unblemished…and lasting

No matter who it is young heart

Captures, whether real or

Imagined, a stranger, mere

Persona…love unrequited…

At ten, she saw him—

Even in black and white she

Knew he’d be her lifelong hero…

On her 16th birthday he returned

‘Mid lightning colors—her soul

Blazed fiery opal, star sapphire…

For 60 years he was the only man

She loved…Death changed nothing

He remained her timeless

Mythic defender…

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.