Sisters ‘Neath the Sky

Not sure why the above link “wordle-565” goes to wordle-564, but Life’s full of mysteries😊

Behind the shadows

Sparks orbit stars

Amid the swirl created

The sisters could see art


Well, one of them could—

Eldest girl, Pele

Was describing the sketch

She’d make when they got home

She did that a lot… sketching

And describing aloud… ‘naming

Colors’, ‘saying the shading’

‘Speaking the angles’

Of ‘line strokes’…

Delia, younger by 2 years

Breathed a damp sigh

Into the still-warm evening air

Perhaps Pele really did know

What she was talking about

But it was meaningless

To her… Delia just liked

Looking at the sky

Unlike Pele’s busy

Artistic mind, Delia’s

Was peacefully


©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Feast of the Owl (Sunday Whirl 563)

In the hollow of the old muscular

Tree (an inverted V-shaped crack)

Lay the Feast of the Owl, arranged

According to sacred pagan ritual

The elders say there’s power in

Ritual, that it ‘holds the spirits

(Which makes me wonder what

Happens if the spirits aren’t “held”…

Do they run off, go wild—do

They eat children my age?)

I was raised to keep silent

No questions…

I feel a heavy ache, looking in

That hollow, like the whole world’s

About to turn sideways on us…

My grandma comes up behind

Me, holding a lit candle… I take it

She removes her apron, covers me

With it like a blanket or cape

“You’re takin’ a chill, honey,” she says

“Don’t be scared—shall I sing you a song?

How ’bout ‘Amazing Grace’, you know

That one real well…”  I nod.

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

The Idol (Sunday Whirl #562)

Prompt words:  reflective, radiant, immersed, meander, idol, line, taste, drama, ghost, bundle, flickering, stone

The drama of being an idol

Weighed like a heavy stone

On her heart

Radiant, even when reflective

She had impeccable taste, grace

And ‘walked a fine line‘, never

Meandering from strict codes

Of moral behavior

She’d not chosen to be an idol

Instead, was quietly immersed in

Flickering faith learned as a child…

But there were moments, chill sapphire

Midnight moments when everything

Fell apart within her, like a bundle

Of sticks too loosely tied

Then Ghost would come to her

He whispered that he could take

Her away, that she didn’t have

To play the game anymore—

The ‘powers that be’ would find

Someone else to be their idol…

It had been that way for centuries—

Too proud to receive the One True God

The world had always needed


©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.