Remembering Quokka

For a-letter-a-week, “Q”, I’m using the host’s drawing and her 5 prompt words:  quagmire, queasy, quick, qualify, quokka.  This challenge is FUN, so click the link above to join in.

Quick as she saw the word

She felt queasy…one of those

Flash-back gut punches…until

A memory surfaced which thrilled.

What weirdo or clique of weirdos

Could think the college newspaper

Would sparkle under the name


Forever ago that’s where she’d

Headed—place of learning so new

There were no permanent buildings

Mere mobile units plopped into

Damp brown mucky not-yet

Grass-sodded quagmire.

Little was required to qualify

For enrollment—pay tuition

Fees…Boom, you’re a college

Student wondering...why?

Then one day, trekking to

English Lit she nearly slipped

‘Mid the ‘quag’, and was rescued

By strong gentle hands:


He wasn’t the “big man on campus”

Every newbie female hopes to

Connect with (star athlete, whatever)

He was so much more.

Suddenly she felt blessed

To have muddy sludge

Ruining her shoes.

Quokka’s kind dark eyes told

Her she was beautiful, brilliant

A Somebody among nobodies…


©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.