Laughs Exceed Tears (3TC)

Prompt words: amuse, funny, laugh

Next month I turn 70—this poem is partial testimony of what The Almighty God has done in my life by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  Color me glad and grateful!

Days without humor

Heart can’t count, too numerous

Now laughs exceed tears

Life, people often amuse

Most, unwittingly funny

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Fog Tonight

Oooh, I’m ready for “fog”—-literal, and poetry.  Mark is our super-knowledgeable friend for seasons of the year, and seasons in poetry…and pretty much Anything, so click his link, visit his blog and be inspired!

Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in fog-Photo Credit: Brocken Inaglory

Fog is thick heavy

Tonight you’re weight on my heart

Cannot be banished

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

If I Ruled For A Day…

It’s fiction, but

Novel idea no less

To cancel World’s

Disasters for all time…

Get to root

Of pervasive greed


Tendency of zeal

To birth violence…

Hunger, poverty

Children on the streets

Drug ‘highs’ that kill

Broken families

Divisiveness which

Foments crime

Prevents unity…

Powerless and

Worthless idols…

Once these are

Nipped in bud, I’ll

Mandate classes on

Kindness, gratitude

Respect, encouragement

How to appreciate

Simple everyday

Wonders around us

And in each other…

How to use our vast

Imagination for good…

Only a day

To rule the World

Not sure my

Personality suits

The position…

I’m mere praying poet

Some days fair writer…

But if it were just one day

I’d make best effort

To rule with heart

Speckled, imperfect

It’s a start 💙

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Smudge On Heart

I have often seen this challenge in the Reader, but never had courage to try it—so today’s the day!  I hope our host, Sarah, will be gentle if I’ve made a mess of it 😉

The words we may not use, but must find synonyms for are: Spot, Rub, Round, Flat, Smooth.  Here are my synonymous words/phrases:  smudge/blemish (spot), pressing against (rub), circular (round), sheet of linen (flat), remove ridges (smooth).


Circular smudge on heart…

Is it leprosy, or merely benign blemish?

I’m repeatedly pressing against it with prayer

Of fervent humbled surrender, repentance

Eager to remove ridges of resentment

Stubbornly lingering unforgiveness

For, surely that’s what it is…

With God’s help, soon it will be healed

Restored…a sheet of fine linen

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Bird, Holes In Wings

Written for dVerse poets and Grace’s challenge to use the “loop” poetry form.  Of the multiple variations of the form, I chose the simplest—click the link above to learn more about “loop”, and join in.

(photo, author’s collection)

Bird has holes in wings

Wings which never fly

Fly beyond her perch

Perch where she stays safe

Safe from things unseen

Unseen enemies

Enemies within

Within tender heart

Heart that yet flies free

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.