Meeting the Bar (dVerse poets) Ghost-Love

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This is one fabulous prompt hosted by Laura Bloomsbury!  I won’t copy all the instructions—you can click the link above and get the whole enchilada. 

In brief, you choose one option of the poetry lines given by the host, and write a poem wherein every word of that line becomes the first word of each successive line in your poem.  Your lines must follow the order of the chosen prompt line.  (Although the host indicated a preference for at least 2 stanzas…I felt my poem only needed one.)

This is the line I chose, by Michael Drayton…with poem to follow:

“Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part”


Since delusion could serve me no more

There’s reality’s burden to contend with (stones/ashes)

No reciprocation of love…innocent, undemanding; and

Help was unhelpful, bramble’d path heart endlessly walked…

Come away with me anyway, you’re now ghost unfettered

Let us meet on equal realm…and finally, let

Us embrace, be a-whirl ‘mid deferred passion…

Kiss the breath I breathe while restless sleeping

And whisper words withheld sore-long…my Love

Part from me not, nor ever again!

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

The Idol (Sunday Whirl #562)

Prompt words:  reflective, radiant, immersed, meander, idol, line, taste, drama, ghost, bundle, flickering, stone

The drama of being an idol

Weighed like a heavy stone

On her heart

Radiant, even when reflective

She had impeccable taste, grace

And ‘walked a fine line‘, never

Meandering from strict codes

Of moral behavior

She’d not chosen to be an idol

Instead, was quietly immersed in

Flickering faith learned as a child…

But there were moments, chill sapphire

Midnight moments when everything

Fell apart within her, like a bundle

Of sticks too loosely tied

Then Ghost would come to her

He whispered that he could take

Her away, that she didn’t have

To play the game anymore—

The ‘powers that be’ would find

Someone else to be their idol…

It had been that way for centuries—

Too proud to receive the One True God

The world had always needed


©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.