Ice-Crusted Snow (Twiglet 290)

Heatwave’s held me captive

In chronic fit of pique…

I’m quickly turning calendar

White flurries in December

Fantasizing, yearning for

Breath-chilled shivering

Crystal brilliance…winter’s

Bright ice-crusted snow

Fill bowls full with it, no

Flavored syrup tropical

Pure unadorned, tongue-lips-

Numbing, cold ice-crusted snow

Seal me well inside it like

Holiday gift-mas globe

Preserved as naïve gleeful youth

Sparkled dancer whirling

©Leyde Ryan,  2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Wrap Me In Dream (Quadrille)

My quadrille for the d’Verse challenge, in which the prompt word is WRAP.

Wrap me in sultry palms swaying

I’ll wear hibiscus lei…nothing more

You’ll be salt-tang breeze

Coming off waves, scent

Echoing sun on sand, heat

Of Somewhere-Fire’s embers


Wrap me in dream that doesn’t end

With your refusal to open door

To me—

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.