My Keychain (#SoCS)

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It’s my first time participating in Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompts.  Click the link above to learn all about it, and join in.

The prompt word is KEY.

I have a keychain which I began in 2011…it holds what I feel are keys to a “good life”.  The first 4 keys are Faith, Gratitude, Humor, and Prayer.  I can’t get very far without all of these! 

There’s also a key for Generosity…it’s kind of like a skeleton key that fits many doors.  To me it means, give and share at every opportunity that comes my way.  I derive tremendous enjoyment from giving, almost a “high”…maybe it’s the feeling of connection, however briefly, with people. 

My generosity can take the form of food, books, gifts of anything I no longer need but are still in great condition.  It can also be time, listening, caring, encouragement, hope—again, the connection with others.

I was slow in learning most of this, but it’s never too late to make changes which benefit more than just me.  This keychain has more value than a diamond bracelet.

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Rainbow Connection

If you’re looking for a new prompt to try, click the link above for Lady Jabberwocky’s site and prompts information!

This photo was a fluke, totally unplanned, unexpected.  Since hanging a fair number of prismatic crystals, I was using my tablet to take pics of rainbows everywhere! 

Suddenly I realized I’d captured my foot, the picture suggesting I’d painted my toes—I had Not, but it was significant improvement!  I’ll likely be sharing more of the “rainbow” photos, as they’ll be therapeutic mood-lifters once the gray rainy season begins again!

Here’s my poem:

Covenant promise

God painted across the sky

Symbol followed flood—

After each rain, reminder

Of His beautiful grace, heart’s

Everlasting faithfulness—

From Heaven to Earth

Brilliant-hued bow connects me

To His vast glory

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

And God said to Noah, “This [rainbow] is the sign of the covenant (solemn pledge, binding agreement) which I have established between Me and all living things on the earth.” Genesis 9:17, Amplified Bible

Amplified Bible Copyright © 2015
by The Lockman Foundation
All rights reserved

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