Weekly Smile: Freezer, Friendship, Fun


I don’t think I’ve participated in Trent’s “Weekly Smile” before…but I’m speeding toward the Big 70th b’day, so I can hardly be expected to remember everything!😄

I have lots of blessings to smile about—some weeks they stand out like Day-Glo paint, sometimes I have to look for them…either way, I know blessings abound.

Today I’m smiling because I ordered a small freezer that will fit in my bijou apartment I call the “Upper Room”.  I’m one of those women who shop for bargains, and in quantity…it’s not quite the same as “hoarding”, but close.  It’s problematic when the freezer above the fridge (manufactured with limited space) is fully packed, not room for one ice cube.  The battle begins anew each time I open the door, resulting in an avalanche.  Frozen chicken leaves a serious bruise when it lands on your foot.🙄

The new freezer will arrive the first week of September.  There’s only one concern:  it will reside in the corner where my Christmas tree glowed last year…and there are no more free corners.  But I’m thrilled, nonetheless!

Another smile today comes courtesy of my caregiver.  We have way too much fun, particularly when doing my shopping!  She’s a tremendous asset—I needed a helper, and I got a friend who’s like a sister in the bargain!  God is Good!!  💙Leyde Ryan

Kindling Creative Inspiration (Sunday Poser 94)


Sweet Sadje poses a question I relish!  Click her link above to learn more about her…and join in with a prompt/challenge!

This week her question is:  What gets your creative juices running: Images, questions, or word prompts?

Although I don’t need prompts to fire inspiration, when I began blogging in 2011 and discovered a vast array of prompts and challenges, I eagerly jumped on board to do as many as I could…but it was like eating too many chips or chocolates!

These days I’ve slowed down a bit.  I like the variety of daily word prompts; sometimes the Q & A’s attract my interest; and images can be hit or miss—when they “hit”, I know exactly what I’m going to write, it falls out onto the page.  But that’s equally true with some word prompts, or story starters…a phrase, or a line from a poem.  It’s all fuel for the fire.

I’ve found, almost anything can trigger a response that needs a poem or short story to let it breathe—music, movies, sudden memories…and posts or comments other bloggers write.  (or crazy neighbors)  It’s amazing.

So my answer, Sadje, is that Muse and pen are pretty much always on the job…inspiration is quickly kindled and I’m ready to go.  If there’s a reason I can’t write…it’s only because I’m exhausted and need real sleep! (or I’m cooking!)

I’m very grateful for blogging, and the folks I meet, the prompts and challenges offered.  Writing keeps my mind busy—the ageing brain must be stimulated often, or things tend to slide downhill.  It is therapeutic to write, but mostly it’s FUN!  And sometimes what we write can make someone’s day—that’s a bonus!

And maybe it helps to have a messy desk?

PS: I’m verbose…you wouldn’t think it should take almost 300 words to answer ONE question😉

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

National/International Sisters Day

I’m almost too late in mentioning that the first Sunday in August is celebrated as National Sisters Day…and internationally too.

(art from Leyde’s collection)

I want to give a shout out to the special women I’ve connected with, and been blessed by—though we’re not blood-related (very minor point).

Deb, in IL—you’ve tolerated me since we met on the blogs in August 2011.  Thank you for all your support which has helped me grow and mature.  Thanks for the deep devout Faith we share, and the humor which keeps us afloat on bumpy days.

Crystal, my caregiver—thanks for coming into my life on wings of Heaven.  I try not to give you much work because we just have way too much FUN!  I love the strength of Faith and humor we share, and the odd things we have in common.

Tami, my case manager—thank you for being a can-do gal, always ready to figure out solutions to issues I rant/sigh about.  You are far and away MORE than I expected or imagined, a gift from God.  You’ve taught me much, watered new shoots—and I’m beginning to see blooms that will flourish.

LeeAnn—you’re the best property manager on Earth, certainly the best I’ve met in my 25 years here.  That we’ve been gifted with a friendship is a surprise bonus.  I appreciate your diligence, honesty, caring heart…and you’re hilarious, to match my crazy humor.

All of you have proved that God truly does save the best for last.  You share similar traits that I value highly: gratitude, humor, Faith, a positive mindset—plus the desire to keep good communication a priority.  Color me glad and grateful…Beyond Blessed!

And to the “sisters” I’ve met through blogs along the way, thanks for sharing your fine talents and gracious hearts.  You are generous and caring…and unfortunately, there are too many of you to name here—so I hope you hear a whisper in your ear: “Bravo! thank you, I won’t forget…despite time and distance”.

May God bless you abundantly—I love you all hugely💖Leslie

©Leyde Ryan

The Scrubbed but Slightly-Skunky Steven

This week’s letter is “S”—I’m using both the author’s drawing and her prompt words:  Skunk, School, Scrubbed, Snug, Sense of Wonder.  Click the link to learn more about this weekly prompt, and join in!  https://nopenotpam.com/2022/08/07/a-letter-a-week-s/

But for the name “Sally”, this tale is 100% autobiographical!😉

Sally’s sense of wonder

About school lasted only

Through First Grade

Reading was easy, fun, and

Her teacher clearly considered

Her the star pupil…

By the next September

Mere thought of 12 full years

Of compulsory education

Became a stone tied ’round her neck…

The surprising kindness of pretty 

Miss P frightened her initially

When the young teacher

Took her to the Supplies room

For a chat, but Sally soon felt snug

Seated on Miss P’s lap as she

Asked in a soft voice, “Can you

Tell me, are you sad…or scared?

Don’t you like the other children?”

NO one had ever asked Sally

How she felt about anything

She had no idea what to reply—

She could hardly speak about

The well-scrubbed Steven B

Who was otherwise a skunk

The way he habitually picked her

Up and wouldn’t put her down

Till he finished squeezing her…

Nor could she reveal her home life…

Stressed by the obligation

To say something to Miss P, she

Admitted she couldn’t “do numbers”

Miss P assured her she’d help her

Learn, and briefly hugged her.

Math never did become Sally’s forte…

And though Steven ceased lifting

Her off the ground on a whim, his

Attentions continued through Jr High

Until her family moved out of state ~

She never forgot sweet, insightful Miss P…

And decades later, after her divorce

Sally wondered if she and Steven

Might have married, had she

Not left town… he’d seemed

Sincerely smitten, despite her

Gawky, not-yet-lovely adolescence.

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.