Kindling Creative Inspiration (Sunday Poser 94)

Sweet Sadje poses a question I relish!  Click her link above to learn more about her…and join in with a prompt/challenge!

This week her question is:  What gets your creative juices running: Images, questions, or word prompts?

Although I don’t need prompts to fire inspiration, when I began blogging in 2011 and discovered a vast array of prompts and challenges, I eagerly jumped on board to do as many as I could…but it was like eating too many chips or chocolates!

These days I’ve slowed down a bit.  I like the variety of daily word prompts; sometimes the Q & A’s attract my interest; and images can be hit or miss—when they “hit”, I know exactly what I’m going to write, it falls out onto the page.  But that’s equally true with some word prompts, or story starters…a phrase, or a line from a poem.  It’s all fuel for the fire.

I’ve found, almost anything can trigger a response that needs a poem or short story to let it breathe—music, movies, sudden memories…and posts or comments other bloggers write.  (or crazy neighbors)  It’s amazing.

So my answer, Sadje, is that Muse and pen are pretty much always on the job…inspiration is quickly kindled and I’m ready to go.  If there’s a reason I can’t write…it’s only because I’m exhausted and need real sleep! (or I’m cooking!)

I’m very grateful for blogging, and the folks I meet, the prompts and challenges offered.  Writing keeps my mind busy—the ageing brain must be stimulated often, or things tend to slide downhill.  It is therapeutic to write, but mostly it’s FUN!  And sometimes what we write can make someone’s day—that’s a bonus!

And maybe it helps to have a messy desk?

PS: I’m verbose…you wouldn’t think it should take almost 300 words to answer ONE question😉

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

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