7 thoughts on “See a Victory

  1. Elevation Worship is one of our go-to sources for encouragement these days. Seems I always have one of their songs lounging around in my gray matter. I read two passages this morning in my Bible time where music was used for inspiration. 2 Kings 3:15 and Psalm 49:4.

    Blessings to you, sis.

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    • Oh, I’m thrilled to learn that you like Elevation Worship too–their songs are powerfully anointed! (And Furtick’s preaching, too. I didn’t use to like him, but wow–I guess it was a matter of “right timing”. Do you know their song, “Rattle”–oh wow! And YES, I recently read a couple Bible passages too, where the music and singing David had commanded them to do is described as LOUD (NLT)!! One was after the wall was rebuilt, and Nehemiah had the choir and everybody go all the way up on top to sing there, loudly. Quite a celebration!

      I do have a Bible question for you–should I email it, or put it on your blog?? HUGE blessings to you, dear Bro!!

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