My Keychain (#SoCS)

This post is part of SoCS:

It’s my first time participating in Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompts.  Click the link above to learn all about it, and join in.

The prompt word is KEY.

I have a keychain which I began in 2011…it holds what I feel are keys to a “good life”.  The first 4 keys are Faith, Gratitude, Humor, and Prayer.  I can’t get very far without all of these! 

There’s also a key for Generosity…it’s kind of like a skeleton key that fits many doors.  To me it means, give and share at every opportunity that comes my way.  I derive tremendous enjoyment from giving, almost a “high”…maybe it’s the feeling of connection, however briefly, with people. 

My generosity can take the form of food, books, gifts of anything I no longer need but are still in great condition.  It can also be time, listening, caring, encouragement, hope—again, the connection with others.

I was slow in learning most of this, but it’s never too late to make changes which benefit more than just me.  This keychain has more value than a diamond bracelet.

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