Evening Cicada


Alrighty then…time for another haiku, and fascinating post by our friend Mark…he’s even included audio of the cicada’s sound/song.  Do click on his link above—he features beautiful haiku as well.  He’s brilliant, way over my head—but I like writing haiku/senryu, so I keep going back!

To give you just a taste, I’ve copied a small excerpt from Mark’s post:

“Cicadas are usually thought of as late summer kigo or seasonal words. Although, cicadas have been associated with other seasons such as spring or mid-summer.(6)  When this happens the cicada haiku will have some sort of qualifier that shifts the season.”

Honestly, I don’t believe I managed the “qualifier that shifts the season” at all.  I merely wrote a haiku…about cicada.


Evening cicada

Sings heart-pierced sorrow’s woodwind

Plum dusk plays echoes

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Evening Cicada

    • Hi Mark, I’m so happy you’re pleased. It was as I listened to the audio of Evening Cicada that I “heard” woodwind. So it was a blessing that you provided it–gave me the extra inspiration I needed…since I knew I wasn’t going to succeed in getting the “season shift/qualifier” part😉 I’ll definitely enjoy the rest of my weekend–and I wish you a good week, upcoming!

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