National/International Sisters Day

I’m almost too late in mentioning that the first Sunday in August is celebrated as National Sisters Day…and internationally too.

(art from Leyde’s collection)

I want to give a shout out to the special women I’ve connected with, and been blessed by—though we’re not blood-related (very minor point).

Deb, in IL—you’ve tolerated me since we met on the blogs in August 2011.  Thank you for all your support which has helped me grow and mature.  Thanks for the deep devout Faith we share, and the humor which keeps us afloat on bumpy days.

Crystal, my caregiver—thanks for coming into my life on wings of Heaven.  I try not to give you much work because we just have way too much FUN!  I love the strength of Faith and humor we share, and the odd things we have in common.

Tami, my case manager—thank you for being a can-do gal, always ready to figure out solutions to issues I rant/sigh about.  You are far and away MORE than I expected or imagined, a gift from God.  You’ve taught me much, watered new shoots—and I’m beginning to see blooms that will flourish.

LeeAnn—you’re the best property manager on Earth, certainly the best I’ve met in my 25 years here.  That we’ve been gifted with a friendship is a surprise bonus.  I appreciate your diligence, honesty, caring heart…and you’re hilarious, to match my crazy humor.

All of you have proved that God truly does save the best for last.  You share similar traits that I value highly: gratitude, humor, Faith, a positive mindset—plus the desire to keep good communication a priority.  Color me glad and grateful…Beyond Blessed!

And to the “sisters” I’ve met through blogs along the way, thanks for sharing your fine talents and gracious hearts.  You are generous and caring…and unfortunately, there are too many of you to name here—so I hope you hear a whisper in your ear: “Bravo! thank you, I won’t forget…despite time and distance”.

May God bless you abundantly—I love you all hugely💖Leslie

©Leyde Ryan

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