Sparrow’s Response

I’m delighted (and grateful) that Keith graciously allowed me to use his image which sparked my poem!  Click the link (name) if you’re not familiar with this fine gentleman…his “ramblings” are full of life, and often amuse me😊

Sometimes loud questions

Loom dour, heavy over me

Resembling hooded

Ghost, Ebenezer’s Future…

I shrink within, then feel rage

Desire to grasp them

One by one, twist murky life

Fast from last whisper

What voice, that dares to spook me

Steal joy out of simple days?

You blind fool, Darkness

I’ll see blessed Eternity

Heaven worry-free

Challenges of earthly life

Will all be closed behind me

So, annoying Haunt

Make your futile efforts scarce

This faith-filled sparrow

Nests in God’s great able hands

Feasts on provisions daily

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

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