Poetry is Therapeutic

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Let's Write......

The healing effect of words has long been recognised, as far back as 4000 BCE, early Egyptians wrote words on papyrus, dissolve them in liquid, and gave them to those who were ill as a form of medicine.

Also poetry for healing and personal growth, can be seen in ancient times when shamans conducted religious rites and chanted poetry for the well-being of the tribe or individual. The first known Poetry Therapist was a Roman physician by the name of Soranus in the first century A.D., who prescribed tragedy for his manic patients and comedy for those who were depressed. It is interesting that Apollo is the god of poetry, as well as medicine, medicine and the arts were at that stage closely intertwined.

Is poetry therapeutic for both the writer and the reader?

I certainly believe it is, reading and writing poetry helps you to think of new ideas…

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