Open Link Night # 321 Blast Off!

Great post–I learn so much from other blogs/bloggers! Have a read, and leave any comments on the author’s original post, thank you!


Greetings poets! Welcome to Open Link Night. As always, this is your opportunity to share ONE poem of any theme or form.

For those of you who may have missed OLN #320, there was an announcement shared that dVerse poets will be represented in the Polaris Collection, headed to the MOON! If you haven’t already, please take the time to visit these websites to learn about the LUNAR CODEX, founded by Samuel Peralta. I did not know I could be so interested in “Nanofiche technology” and “commercial payloads”.

Who is Samuel Peralta?

You may remember Samuel tending the pub here at dVerse!

I recently reached out to him and he provided this BIO:

“Samuel Peralta is an award-winning poet, and was a regular “Form for All” columnist for dVerse until 2014. He went on to create the Amazon #1 bestselling anthology series ‘The Future Chronicles’, became…

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