Mr Puffin, Please!!

Prompt words for the host’s Letter “P” Challenge: puffin, passion, playground, pacify, perky


In the history of the world

Mr (Pietro) Puffin was the worst

Most outrageous boss to ever

Occupy a corner office

Some days he was perky

A child at playground, full

Of silliness, annoyingly so

At other times, petulant

Cranky curmudgeon needing

To be pacified, ego smoothed

Of eccentric, neurotic wrinkles

Before addressing a meeting

His mood swings exhausted me…

And then there was that day

A rainy Friday, I was hanging

Up my coat, damp umbrella

When without prefacing word

He pressed me ‘gainst door

Planted putrid kiss upon

My appalled lips—

Managing to regain pointed

Umbrella, I aimed it well

He backed off, weeping

Mournful, melodramatic

Pouring his heart which

Had filled with passion, he

Declared, on perfect sunny

Morning he’d hired me…

I landed umbrella’s parting shot

Shouted, “Mr Puffin! You’re fired!

©Leyde Ryan, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

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